Bullish is a word used for the investors who analyze and predict that a particular stock is going to raise its value in the coming time. Where as bearish is the word referring to the investor who has sure shot information that the discussed stock is going downhill, or going to not perform very well.

There is a contrast to bearish marketing. This is known as a bull stock market. This situation happens when there is a 20% percent rise when compared to the earlier peaks attained by it.  “Bullish” depicts optimism for the investors who henceforth come in the category of buyers.

A bearish investor totally relies on the fact that the value of the specific stock is going to fall for surely. An investor having this analysis is able to opt to either buy it or sell it. If the investor acts with a bearish mindset he is most probably going to sell the shares he owns at the present time. Hence, when a person says he or she is being bearish on the stocks, it means that he relies on the analysis that the value of the concerned stocks is going to get decreased.

The most significant point among bullish and bearish marketing system is the chances of being confident on an analysis which tells that the price of the stock is going to rise or decline. If we talk more particularly about the two words bullish and bearish, they generally discuss the current condition of market. It tells us about the gained values or the losing values of the stock a person is interested in. At the end, we can say that these terms depict the trends of the recent market.

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