The concept of coworking is rising steadily and businesses are accepting it with all respect. Each of the segments of the working class looks excited and enthusiastic. As per the present trend, it can be said that the market related to coworking is on a boom. It has been evolving with modifications. According to the Office Hub’s Coworking Market Report 2019, the cultural shift has given importance to activity-based working. As a result of this, collaboration at the workplace is on the rise, giving rise to the concept of flexible workspace in various companies. The report also quotes that ‘Generation Flex’ has been showing a new level of confidence at their Coworking Desk. This has made the companies, or the corporate entities think of flexible, cost-effective, attractive, and modern ways of doing business- embracing coworking spaces.

Designing Coworking Space To Create Community

Before designing a coworking space that would be creating a community, it is necessary to know what actually it is.

Coworking space is an area where employees from different companies share a common workspace in order to save expenses by using some of the common infrastructures like utilities, equipment, refreshments, and many more. Because of these associated perks, the idea has widely been accepted by many company owners or corporate houses.

However, gathering at a place and sharing the infrastructure does not guarantee a coherent ecosystem or a community. There are various aspects that need to be touched upon for this. According to corporate personnel that have a coworking desk with four other companies, the success of each of the organisations, in such an environment is interdependent. Undoubtedly, this concept has overshadowed the traditional cubicle arrangement where there was a feeling of hierarchy and hampered the development. It has ensured ‘All One’ working for one motto- prosperity.

The following are some of the essential things that can be incorporated in a coworking space to create a community—

1.    Understanding the expectation of employees :

According to an industry expert who authored the blog titled 7 Amazing advantages of a coworking desk for your business! Irrespective of the size of the company and the portfolio of the employees, each one working, has a minimum expectation that should be addressed. The coworking space should offer the least coercion in their flexibility to work and should ensure that everyone gets a working environment that is not only pleasant but also flexible. Therefore, addressing the expectations without any differentiation is going to work wonders in a coworking space.

  1. Creating zones based on Needs :

A coworking space can have more than five companies working in different domains. Since the type of business is different, therefore, it is important to ensure smooth communication and coordination amongst different departments. It is true that there is a lot of exposure in such spaces and a person gets to know the nitty-gritty of the subject at his coworking desk because of the knowledge sharing. But it is also essential that the spaces be allocated based on the requirements.

One of the coworking spaces ensures that it facilitates not only the exchange of places but also ascertains that a dedicated place is also available that would assist in bringing the mind to peace as and when required.

  1. Arrangements that Speak of values :

A well-organised coworking space would be the one that has many companies working at a place without messing up any of the business elements. Therefore, the arrangement of things stands very necessary. It must bring in the synchronisation of the values of all the businesses present there. The organisers make sure that the employees stay motivated and inspired by putting into infinite permutation and combination of imagination.

  1. Futuristic decoration to keep Spirit High :

Sitting at the same coworking desk for years can be boring. But, all the means and measures need to be taken to ensure that the workers do not feel demotivated or lack enthusiasm. Therefore, the present coworking offices have a beautiful ambience decorated with all the possible tints, colours, posters, etc. According to the experts designing coworking spaces, not only the previously mentioned elements matter but also the presence of furniture and other stationery keep an employee highly motivated.

  1. Common services & amenities that Matter :

Ever thought about this aspect? Well, most of us would focus primarily on how the coworking desk is arranged and how the work will be carried out. But the matter of fact is that one cannot ignore the other facilities, services, and amenities that are common to coworking spaces. These all also play a crucial role in determining the overall performance of an employee.

The corporate firms, apart from ascertaining that the coworking desk of their employees is perfect, also take care of the available common services and facilities like refreshments, meeting area, party hall, parking space, etc. The management of the companies takes all possible measures to support the professional and personal life of the employee by providing a community-type environment.

  1. Monitoring social wellbeing through Community Programs :

Humans are social animals and each one loves to meet and mingle with new people. The stress at the coworking desk needs to be relieved for proper thinking. The companies that are sharing spaces under one roof are very much particular about ensuring that their employees get the right platform to stay connected with social life. This is one of the reasons why all these companies working in a shared area, come together to celebrate togetherness. This helps each of the employees to get to know others as well resulting in a better understanding and productivity

Community programmes are group activities organised for an informal meeting. Such programs have helped each individual to know more about the topic they are new to.


Innovation and technology have constantly been redefining items of our day-to-day life. But is the human idea that speaks for the rest. The coworking space and co-working desk are great inclusions where with knowledge sharing, none of the works seems tough. Proper engagement of the workspace with the employee paves the way for increased performance and overall competitiveness.