Today it is about entrepreneurship in the Central African Republic that we are going to talk about because you surely want to know how to create a business in the Central African Republic, so here is everything in this article.

Entrepreneurship in the Central African Republic would probably be the last idea that most entrepreneurs might have in mind when it comes to investing in the African continent, but still if you are the kind of person who can adapt to the administrative system and the economic situation of any kind of country (even the one with the most dubious growth), So in this case to undertake in the Central African Republic will not be at all a challenge but rather a real entrepreneurial experience because you must admit that patience, perseverance and knowledge of the market will have to be one with you if you really want to succeed in this country.

Investing in the Central African Republic has many advantages already by the fact that taxation is very low, it is easy to prosper in the market if you have a good idea in mind and a good budget (financing) and labor is cheaper than in most countries.

But besides all this, we will have to quickly adapt to certain situations such as the poor quality of certain road infrastructures or geopolitical problems in certain regions of the country, etc…but overall, the Central African Republic remains one of the ideal destinations in Africa.

How to create a company in Central Africa:

Procedures for setting up a business in the Central African Republic:

In this section, we will talk about everything that you need to do and everything you need to have as an administrative document in order to set up any type of business in the Central African Republic.

-The registration of the company in the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register (RCCM) is a very basic step,

– To proceed essentially to the establishment of the acts relating to the statutes of the company, the Minutes of the Constitutive Assembly;

– To start the steps to obtain a Certificate of Residence but also a criminal record.

– The opening of a professional bank account and the payment of the share capital varies according to the legal form desired for the company.

-The obtaining of the Tax Identification Number (NIF) but also of the patent for the new one,

– Begin the necessary steps to register with the Central African Chamber of Commerce;

– Registering all employees with the National Social Security Fund (CNSS);

-The agreement of the Ministry of Commerce to start up the company.

-Obtaining a merchant card to operate legally.

– And finally the publication of the creation of the company in the newspaper of Legal Announcements.

The status of company in the Central African Republic :

As far as types of companies are concerned, it should be noted that there are a multitude of company statutes in the Central African Republic and they are of course governed by the OHADA Act, which systematically deals with Economic Interest Groups (EIGs) as well as commercial company law. In addition to this, there are other important matters such as the Central African Tax Code and the harmonized “CEMAC zone” tax code.

So, discover the main types of companies that you will meet in the Central African Republic during your administrative procedures:

– The Limited Liability Company (SARL), The Economic Interest Grouping (GIE); The Public Limited Company (SA), The Limited Liability Sole Proprietorship (SURL); The Collective Name Company (SNC); The Simple Commodity Company (SCS), The Sole Proprietorship Limited Company (SAU).

Important :

You have therefore understood that given the multitude of possible legal forms to choose for your business in the Central African Republic, it will be very useful for you to know well in advance the type of business you really want for your company in order to guarantee good growth in this country with a traumatic past but which is still doing its best to get out of its economic situation that some might sometimes describe as less promising.

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